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Xcode 4 svn error validating server certificate

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Connect once using command line tools and accept server certificate permanently.

I have already created a repo in my xcode, what im trying to do is import my project. Im kinda new to this thing, so I dont know what Im doing wrong.

While these links (which you've probably already read) may not solve the problem, it may at least give you further information Setting up SVN repository in XCODE 4.2 After upgraded to Xcode 4.2, Organizer - SVN repository stopped working I was hopeing xcode would recognize ssl by the port number (and not just http S) but I guess not.

Sorry @stavash, Ill play around with this more and see if I can get it working because I just noticed this happening on one of my old project repo's as well. If you really do need to use the SVN functionality in the IDE, I suggest downgrading XCode but then you will not be able to build to i OS5, which I'm sure you want to....

I just got a new Mac (with Lion) and am setting everything up, but I am stuck on this SVN certificate trust error for my repositories on Assembla.

The most common solution seems to be to move to Terminal and perform some svn operation on my working copy there, then respond to permanently trust the certificate when prompted. With the Terminal, I never get a certificate trust prompt!

These problems will exist even if you’re using the computer for many years now.If you use the internet to browse xcode – XCode5 bot fails with SVN of : error …frequently, issues are more likely to happen as well.This also works when I specify the internal address.The issue is when I use the repository dns - XCode shows a red dot with "Host Unreachable".I am sure this is an XCode 4.2 specific issue, because I tried this in other clients, including older XCode versions. The issue with xcode and accessing svn servers which have HTTPS certificates which fail any of the checks (be it host matching, self signed etc..).