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Other posts on Friday included him yelling at pedestrians to get out of the way and one of a skull, boasting, “I just want everyone to know, when I’m violently mean towards people on Snapchat, I always turn around and say ‘I’m sorry.’ ” He then continues, saying, “Bulls - - t.

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Vietnamese wives from other end of ward thought it was ok to use shower for latrine Monday, October 10, 2016 PM Dallas TX, USA Association with 24th Evac: I was blown up in the Hobo Woods in May of 1968 and was transported there Dates at 24th Evac: May 1968 Comments: Just want to Thank the nurses and Doctors that saved my life.I had a head injury due to riding in a 21/2 ton truck and it hit a mine between trang bang and the woods we were out there with the 1st to the 27th wolfhoods....Next week, I will be starting on my empennage at Synergy Air in Eugene.I plan to build the tail under adult supervision and then send it home. I'm a retired CPT from the Army, former AH-64A pilot (Go Guns! I'm currently an ER Doc so motivation isn't a problem.Just want to see if any one can remember back that far i would like to find some of them....My base camp was in Cu Chi 25th infantry division....Sunday, August 14, 2016 PM Dade City FL, USA Association with 24th Evac: Patient Dates at 24th Evac: September 1969 Comments: I was a patient there for a short time, I had malaria I don't remember what ward, I was sent from there to a hospital in Saigon then to Vung Tau. Monday, August 08, 2016 AM Last Name in Vietnam: Mueller Georgetown TX, USA Association with 24th Evac: nurse Dates at 24th Evac: Nov.

About five seconding into the takeoff roll, tail up, just ready to lift, the engine started to misfire horrendously.Prior to beginning his own publications, Wayne Green started an amateur radio teletype newsletter.Within a couple of years, he had 2,000 subscribers.The airport is I fly from is surrounded by city in every direction.Had this had happened during the climb-out, I may not be typing this now.They were, with like-minded pioneers like Phil Warren and the earlier TANZA and contemporay Viking and Allied International, the beginnings of a New Zealand owned recording industry which has exploded in the decades since.