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Officer updating orb procedures

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In a case tried in the California Supreme Court on December 1, 2014, (Riverside County Sheriff’s Department v.Stiglitz), it was determined that the complete Pitchess procedure can indeed be used for administrative disciplinary proceedings, even though these section 1045 references to, “the court,” are present in the document.The Panel would not promote this as a priority course of action as Police has other priorities to deal with.However, such a course of action will assist with the effective handling of "111" calls in the future. A second issue is the growing number of "111" calls that Telecom operators divert or ‘bounce’ between Centres.Army National Guard (ARNG) CPLs can submit their documentation now to their State Military Personnel Officers.All Army/Army Reserve CPLs can submit their documentation following one of the procedures below: For both procedures, include your name and Social Security Number on the side corner of the copy of the certificate.The CPL joins, among others, the Certified Professional Engineer (CPE), the Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and the Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) as civilian-granted professional certifications authorized for documentation and recognition as specialized education and training.

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Proponent AHRC-PDV-PO Title Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) Active Component (AC), Colonel (COL), Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC), Promotion Selection Board (PSB) Zones of Consideration …Issued:[24-Mar-2017]… If unable to access EES, DA Form 67-10 Series OERs can be obtained from the Army Publishing Directorate’s webpage at the following link: Sending OERs by email is only for deployed units or deployed rating officials and should only be used for deployed units who created .pdf-f evaluations outside of EES.While the revised regulation consolidates and clarifies interim changes made to the document in recent years, it also defines the requirement to initiate a flag when an investigation is opened on a soldier in a criminal proceeding, or by a commander that could result in a disciplinary action or loss in rank, pay or privileges. I have contacted the school house S-1 and other admin and after months of waiting nothing has changed. I have submitted my ERB to transfer awards and badges but still no change. o averted near-daily scheduling crisis, drove project milestones, and revised reporting instructions leveraging USAREUR priorities o facilitated an enhanced situational awareness of airspace issues for the Brigade Commander and his staff, allowing them to focus command and control on the battlefield o maintained up-to-the-minute status reports and kept HQ apprised of all changes; reduced response time by 40% o flawlessly executed BN's four AT mission taskings, pushing over 75 personnel to multiple installations resulting in 100% of assigned missions completed (68G) o headed Bn reorganization and governed an internal manpower study, interviewed key personnel and evaluated over 80 tasks to ensure a seamless transition of four sections during manpower reduction o took charge of operations in the company command post in addition to regular duties after the company leadership was incapacitated by indirect fire o oversaw 28 couriers, managed 63 air and road missions, and dispatched 23K lbs of classified material on time; handled command and control operations effortlessly o provided around-the-clock Tactical Operations Center support o provided experienced guidance and direction for the officers within the G3 o logged over 100 Medevac requests, coordinated chain of command notification, and initiated appropriate responses o notified Command Team of CCIRs and NIPR blackouts, reporting failures within minutes of occurrence and reducing restoral times by 50% o guaranteed the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center o assisted the Battle NCO in monitoring and updating DCO, providing up-to-the-minute situational awareness o provided Close Air Support for the infil of three CH-47 Chinooks in support of Operation Mongoose o kept all units updated on current weather, LOGSTATS, PERSTAT, Med Evac status, and on-going operations o coordinated daily with Pacific Air Force Command Sensitive Operations Center to support COMSEC requirements o as Operations NCO, worked around the clock tracking all of 1175th Trans HET convoys from Kuwait to Iraq and back o established the Tactical and Logistical Operating Center o developed stages for transfering Camps Julien and Alamo to the Government of Afghanistan during the reduction of force phase ISO ISAF o acknowledged by Battalion Commander for developing a comprehensive transportation that integrated all requirments o choreographed the battalion's total transportation plan with seven DOD and contract agencies during OEF Distribution Conferences o provided mature leadership as the BN OPS NCOIC, while remaining flexible and mission-focused during the rapidly evolving requirements of a forward deployed Transportation Battalion o initiated and supervised the consolidation, removal and retrograde of over 200 containers from within RC-Capital, Afghanistan, saving the U. There are a large number of issues with the CCSC processes and systems that the Panel has identified.Include a note indicating your name and Social Security Number and that you want it added to your OMPF.