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If your card is declined, an error message displays immediately after clicking the Submit Order button.Unfortunately, we aren't provided with any information on the reason for the decline, but suggest verifying the card information and billing address was entered correctly and trying again.

An image will be rejected if it violates the Image Rules and Restrictions.Anonymous claimed responsibility for disabling or disrupting the sites of Master Card, Visa and Pay Pal this week.The attacks came on the heels of Wiki Leaks leader Julian Assange's arrest. All you've got to do is send Anonymous an e-mail that says, 'I consent to you using my computer, do whatever you like,' " and the people with Anonymous link to your computer, connect it with others who've consented, and use the collective force (among the machines) to launch these attacks," Gregg Housh, a 34-year-old internet activist based in Boston told CNN.If the card is declined again, you may need to contact your credit card company or the issuing bank for more information.To protect against fraud, orders that are suspected as fraudulent are canceled and payment is voided.While the funds may not appear in your available balance, they have not entered our account.