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And then there’s the risk of increasing your debt if you fail to make your payments under a debt settlement program.
The offence consists of three elements: Persons found guilty can also have their property forfeited.

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Your mom is sure that her only hope for grandmotherhood is your younger brother, and now you find yourself explaining the ins and outs of sperm donors and adoption, as well as assuring her that your ovaries still work.

Remember the pinch on the arm when you couldn’t sit still in church when you were little?

As a Canadian woman who married a Mexican man and stayed in Mexico City for him, I have a lot of opinions about dating Mexican men.

In the case of Mexico - United States border, the only barrier between these twin cities is the border itself, spanning 2,000 miles.Well, it’s nothing compared to the glare of death your mom will give you if you so much as hint at just how gay you are while grandma is visiting.Bonus points if you get the infamous “No empieces” through gritted teeth.Here are 10 roles you may have to play when you’re gay and Mexican.You’ve stopped referring to your girlfriend as “mi amiga.” They know what’s going on, and you know that they know what’s going on, so she comes over for dinner, you say, “Mom, dad, this is my girlfriend.” They fumble with their words for an uncomfortable amount of time, they forget the mechanics of shaking someone’s hand, have an awkward short exchange, until you step in, cut the night short and save yourself and everyone another minute awkwardness.While technically the word Temazcal is not Mayan, but Aztec, ancient Mayans -- athletes, priests, kings -- regularly engaged in these sweaty detox sessions and took hallucinogenic drugs such as peyote to further enhance the experience.